Five Day Juice Cleanse

Woohoo! I did it!

The timeline went a little like this:

  • Day 1 – sweet lord give me some food
  • Day 2 – still annoyed
  • Day 3 – finally feeling awesome
  • Day 4 – really getting in to it
  • Day 5 – went to the health food store and starting changing my diet completely.

Now a lot of people get annoyed with me, because they think I’m trying to lose weight, or I’m trying to only drink juice for five days and really really hate myself.

All of that is wrong.

My biggest challenge when trying to start something new is that I need structure. I need a plan and I need it to be pretty clear. My juice cleanse allows me to drink three juices during the day and then eat the smallest cleanest, raw, nutritious meals in between. So it changes and shapes the way I eat.


This time changed it a lot!

I had done this cleanse previously and ended after the three days and then went on about my nacho, chicken tender eating habits. This time, after finally feeling the results on day three I decided to go a few days longer, and incorporate other ideas into the next two days.

I discovered GoMacro. I also rediscovered Garden Of Life from my previous vegan days.


Now I’m all about companies that give back, and just reading the back of their label inspired me to start living and eating a clean and healthier life. (easy all of those who I go out with, I’m still me)

Certified Vegan. Certified Raw. Certified Clean. Certified USDA Organic. Certified non-GMO. Certified Gluten Free. Certified Carbon Free.  – In other words, this shit is really really good for you.

They have a line of protein bars, energy bars and then meal bars that really just allow you to get all the protein you need. If you’ve ever dieted, the key is to stay full. Don’t get hungry or you’ll start having literal dreams about pizza. (this happened to me, twice.)

Over the course of my five days, I ate five small completely clean, completely vegan, completely raw salads with all of the nutrients I could pack in there. *lemon juice is the damn key to a dry salad folks.

Five days later, I feel energized. I feel satisfied. I am now craving things like blueberries as a snack, instead of all the bar food I can get my hands on.

Its definitely a commitment to start and see through a cleanse like this. I’m hoping to just achieve a healthier sense of what I put in my body. My mom has already asked me for a meal plan because of the health benefits and the changes I can feel and see in my body from five days of clean, raw, simple eating! Cheers!


*For those of you who don’t know, I was a vegan for awhillleee back in Atlanta. It got real weird, real quick, ha* I promise not to be that girl again!




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