now what?!

My biggest question to myself is what to do with my blog now that California is over…

Well, the best part of my life these days it that my life is a constant learning adventure and it is one of the most gorgeous journeys I have ever been on. Denver has changed my life. The culture, the freedom, the ease and the happiness I have discovered in this city inspires me to keep going.

So with that, I have some exciting stuff coming up:

  • Potential Vegas trip with my Detroit boys to see Sound Tribe
  • My big brother JR and Abby’s wedding mid April
  • Return trip to LA to see Bryce in May
  • My mother Denna’s 60th Birthday and Retirement!
  • RETURNING TO SCHOOL JUNE 5th (I’m really excited for this one folks!)
  • Madison, Wisconsin trip to visit Kendall – because its my damn turn
  • Taking the man in my life home to Indiana to meet the family, my home town and experience the state that will always be considered ‘home’

So stay tuned if you want to read about my upcoming lessons in life, my journey on love and happiness and my journey to publishing my very first book 😉

My current agenda is to write on specific themes happening in my life – themes that may often not always be of love and happiness, for that is what life sometimes proves on every journey. Themes such as: betrayal, loss, grief, remorse and self- improvement have been on my mind, and it will be such an interesting experience for me, in my place of happiness, peace and acceptance to write about such negative topics. Challenges that I am up for, no doubt, but will cause my mind to grasp different ideas and form them into positive, inspiring and hopefully encouraging words.





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