goodbye california.

Wow. Well I finally found some time to sit down, now back in Denver, to finish my California trip. It has been an interesting transition coming back from blissful paradise to my actual real life, which also happens to be blissfully happy.

California ended precisely how you would think. I got to reunite with Chelsea, as I mentioned in the last post, Kendall and I got some weird (well at least mine ha!) tattoos done by one of the most fascinating humans I’ve ever had the pleasure to introduce myself to. Traveling, being who I am and meeting people is so interesting, because it turns out he does tattoos in Denver on occasion, and the next time he is in town we have vowed to complete my Phoenix tattoo – (Harry Potter fans unite!)

Our Thursday, the second to last day in San Diego and the completion of our trip ended by going to Ballast Point, Green Flash and another brewery that I shamefully don’t remember the name of – it was a long day of beers!


My heart will remain in California for some time to come, but because of who I am, who my friends are and the experiences I get to have in this gorgeous life of mine – I will already be returning in May to Los Angeles and then again in October to watch Chelsea get married!

Thank you California for giving me more unrealistic expectations for how absolutely good this world is. I adore my bubble of happiness and joy and can’t thank my trip enough for expanding my happy horizons.




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