a day in the life: wednesday.

Sometimes I find myself in the middle of my day smiling thinking about the life I’m living. Sometimes I find myself a little bored, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with happiness. Sometimes I find myself laughing that this is the life I live, this is how it is meant to be, and sometimes I need to share that.

I’ve spent a few mornings writing my mom email letters titled “my day” simply so I can write down what I did that day and remind myself that no, this is not a dream, it is my reality. My reality is what I’ve dreamed of my entire life and it starts with accepting that it is ok to live the way I’m living.

So today, on this gorgeous Wednesday, March 22, I share with you my typical day…

I woke up in the arms of a man I intend to spend the next 2-3 lifetimes with. A man who challenges me, accepts me, believes in me and reminds me when I’m being too Kelsey for the world. We spent an incredible date night, dressed up, walking around downtown and then staring at each other in public like we do best. (After I got to show him off at the best place in Denver, Peaks Lounge)

  • That just sparked a new idea for a blog post. An assessment of my favorite spots in Denver and why!


After I left his place to come back to my apartment, Maddy and I walked to our favorite coffee shop which is about 5 blocks away. On the walk home there is a park we stop at, sit and let this girl drink her coffee while the Denver sunshine beamed down and Maddy got to stare at squirrels.

Next, we walked back to the apartment where I made some green tea, took my things and sat on my gorgeous rooftop catching up on blog posts, agenda book dates, to-do lists and starting browsing for a new rug. Maddy sat below me while I reminded myself that Kelsey days are the absolute best days regardless the weather, time or space I am in.

Next, I will head down to CU Denver for an advising appointment before going to work where I’ll get to hang around with some friends before coming home and crawling in my cloud of a bed in my gorgeous downtown apartment.

It could be very easy to be down on myself that I’m not where I want to be in my career, or that I get homesick from time to time, or that a lot is running through my mind, but I always approach the day and my experiences with an open, positive and love filled attitude, which I have found gets me through even the worst of days.

Today is not one of those bad days. Today is a typical, everyday interaction I have with myself, my gorgeous city and my very lucky life.




Now Playing: Every single song off Drake’s new “More Life” album. Specifically – “Glow” “Madiba Riddim” and “Gyalchester”

  • “Tat on my ribs like I do not know what permanent is” – Gyalchester



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