Tuesdays in LA.

“LA is so dirty, its gross”

“People suck in LA”

“I hate LA”

Y’all are insane. LA was absolutely incredible. Sure, the traffic is torture, but I lived in Atlanta during the ice storm, I can handle anything. (Well…)

My dear dear dear friend from my hometown in Indiana lives in Los Angeles, and we had made definite plans to see him for coffee. His place was about a 45-60min drive from Long Beach, so we put on our brave faces (remember the night before was the greatest night of my life, I didn’t feel amazing) and fought the traffic to go meet my babe Bryce.

MAN was it good to see him. He is living the most fabulous life in LA, working hard, looking amazing and embracing all of that gorgeous California sunshine. We went to an adorable cafe on Sunset Boulevard, Kitchen 24, where Kendall and I enjoyed a much needed Irish coffee, some fried ass food and absolute great company.

After many laughs, memories, stories and overall good quality time we had to say goodbye, only to plan a trip back to LA in May to see my darling friend. – I’d like it to be known that Bryce and Kendall are now bffs as well, and during her trip back to Venice Beach in a couple weeks, she’ll get to meet up with Bryce again. Because good people are good people and enjoy other good people.

I absolutely adore having good people in my life.


Next stop: A true bucket list destination. As we have discussed, I like beer. I really like beer. Now there is a brewery that has my heart, and has had my heart for about 5-6 years. The Bruery. Located in Palcentia, CA we had about an hour drive, and let us be honest, we would have probably driven three. Beers you may know of theirs: Tart of Darkness, Oude Tart, Autumn Maple, Or Xata, 7 Swans A Swimming, 8 Maids a Milking, 9 Ladies Dancing. Do I need to continue?

They had a gorgeous little tasting room with beer I had never even heard of. Two flights later – still feeling a little miserable from greatest night ever, my heart was content and satisfied with my experience.

*Side note: many of you know that I collect bottle openers, speed keys, church keys, bar keys whatever you want to call them. I have close to 100 in my collection from my years in the industry that I have either bought, been gifted or well… flat out stolen 🙂 One goal of mine was to obtain a bar key from every brewery we visited: I love The Bruery so much I already had purchased one about four years ago<3

**Another side note: completely unimpressed and disappointed that only ONE of the breweries we went to, and we went to seven, had a bar key for me to buy.

Anyways, after the bucket list destination we decided we needed a night to relax. Kendall and I made spaghetti and watched about six hours of Friends in our pool house. Sounds lame? It was absolute perfection. GUM WOULD BE PERFECTION! (look it up)




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