san diego, night one

Had to end that last post the way it ended because no other words were needed to describe the pure bliss and happiness of the bottom pictures. The first view of the ocean is always the best. The smell, the sky, even the sand, everything is perfect.

Literally next door to our new home for two days, there was a “tacos, tequila and sunsets” sign, so obviously we walked right in. We sat upstairs on their rooftop deck and literally watched the sun melt into the water and dissolve into the atmosphere – all while sipping on margaritas in the presence of two gals who were in the middle of the best time of their life.

There is something to be said for the moments that you can acknowledge while you are in them that they are changing your life. A lot of moments you look back and reflect upon the  lessons you learned, but this was different. Every day was life changing. Every step, every breath of California air had something new to teach us. I will remember every second of this trip, even the ones I don’t necessarily remember 😉

Next up: Moonshine Beach. Now this is a fun little story. Back in Denver, I meet new people every single day. The weeks leading up to my trip upon checking a California ID I would squeal with delight to tell them I would soon be visiting. I met a large group of industry folk about a month back who wrote down their names, numbers and the bar they worked at in San Diego, Moonshine!

This is hands down my favorite part about the industry. We arrived to find Lisa bartending at the BEST COUNTRY BAR EVER! (sorry Kendall) There was line dancing and all the Kenny Chesney my heart could hope for. This is where the trip takes a turn for the absolute better: my dear old college sorority sister Chelsea.

Now I haven’t seen Chelsea since probably 2010-2011 ish. She has explored my hometown in Indiana with me, Colts games, Brad Paisley concerts & we have both lived to tell the tales of Thursdays at The Cactus, Harrys Chocolate Shop and Monday’s at Jakes bar in Purdue. Needless to say, it was awesome to see her.

We left the bar to go home after making plans for the three of us to brewery tour tomorrow. We had an agenda: breakfast, tattoos, breweries. And let me tell you – they all happened perfectly, stay tuned.

Hoping on my flight back to Denver, I will spend the weekend finishing my California tale. Then I have so much more to share with you about my equally fabulous life in Denver.

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(I get to see my Golden Retriever, Maddy in 3 hours. I. cannot. wait.)




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