Monday. Long Beach, Day 4.

Another day, another city for Kendall and I to conquer. Long Beach, California. This time we chose to stay in an Airbnb, this spot happened to be the pool house of a gorgeous California bungalow about five minutes from all the action.

Like, could this couple be any cuter? She also had an essential oil reed defuser and I’ve pretty much vowed to spend the rest of my life trying to be her. (Not really, I’m pretty fabulous, but I’m not near this grown up)


They had also left us a book of recommended spots for dinner, drinks, and all the fun night life of Long Beach, so we took her recommendation of “drinks on the water” and went to a hotel bar called The Maya but were immediately so very turned off by the fact that we were not, and did not want to be that fancy, so after a quick drink we googled “dive bars” to find the scene we were looking for.

Our dive bar search lead us to the “happening” crowded street and to a bar called “Moonshiners” which had literally not one person in it. My kind of place. After the weirdest experience ever with a very friendly, very drunk bartender, we once again found ourselves googling dive bars and made our way to the next one. Iguana Kelly’s was about a 10 minute Uber away, and we settled for a round of drinks at the darker, more lively dive bar. I was feeling very unimpressed, a little let down and not in my element at all – until Kendall dragged me to one last place: Hamburger Mary’s.

What happened next I can only describe as the best night of my life. We walked into the end of a Disney themed drag show, immediately felt uplifted, excited and right at home. The rest of the night was full of laughter, good company, dancing and perhaps too much tequila.

As we left the very best bar of my life, we agreed upon a second visit the following evening. Yea, it was that good.

Long Beach – 1, Kendall and Kelsey – 0.





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