Day Five.

SAN DIEGO HERE WE COME. & I was ready.

I’m not sure why I was looking the most forward to this last phase of the trip, maybe because every single person I know told me I would love San Diego the most. Might be a good reason.

I really hate when everyone is right.

Our adorable Airbnb hosts gave us the absolute perfect recommendation for breakfast before we started our drive to San Diego. Blackbird Cafe was Long Beach, California wrapped up into the cutest best breakfast place I’ve ever been to and I don’t like breakfast. After mimosas and the perfect Childish Gambino playlist, we were ready for the hour and a half drive to San Diego.

Pit stop: Stone Brewery.

Stone is about 30 minutes outside of San Diego, and worth the detour x1000. We settled on two IPAs, one with blackberry and blueberry and the other with tangerine and pineapple, yea they were as good as they sound. We sat outside in the 70 degree, not a cloud in the damn sky bier garden and enjoyed the hell out of ourselves for about an hour and a half.

We had to have the rental car back by 4pm, and we were ready to get settled, see an ocean and find a happy hour. Did I mention we like beer? 🙂

Oh San Diego. First of all, our Airbnb was ON the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. So that means  it was literally 14 steps to the sand and ocean.



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