Highway 1

*Disclaimer: I know, I know I’m like five days behind, but I’ve been having the time of my life and couldn’t keep up with both haha, story of a writers life.

Four hundred and fifty-one miles is the distance from our hostel in San Francisco to our Airbnb in Long Beach, CA

Four hundred and fifty-one miles of pure utter breathtaking, leave you speechless views of the west coastline.

However, little known fact considering no one is talking about it: Big Sur is completely closed as a town right now. There has been so much rain in Northern California that a bridge collapsed and part of the road is in the Pacific Ocean, which closed Highway 1 about six miles south of Carmel, CA.

This put a small dent in our gorgeous drive, as we had to end the coastal drive at Carmel, and cut across to Highway 101, but in true Kendall and Kelsey fashion, we made the absolute most of it, got out in Carmel (where Pebble Beach Golf Course is location and where Sir Clint Eastwood lives) and explored the most gorgeous town I’ve ever stepped foot in.

Enjoy the view, it’s nothing compared to what we saw 🙂



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