Our last day in San Francisco. I was so very not ready to say goodbye yet.

We began our day relaxing in our gorgeous hostel, listening to the city life downstairs. We had two goals: Russian River and Lagunitas. Sunday was also my second favorite day of the year, it was the day of the 89th Academy Awards and I was in California to experience it.

Some of you might know, Russian River makes the beer “Pliny the Elder” which is an American Imperial IPA and it is f’ing delicious! This is a true destination beer, a beer that when you see it on draft, in the bottle, across the street, on the ground, anywhere…you order it, you love it, and you tell just about everyone about it.

Russian River also makes an absolutely delicious sour beer that I have only tried once during a bottle exchange. Needless to say, we were not hesitant at all to drive an hour and a half north of San Francisco on a Sunday to experience this brewery.

Not even a little disappointed. We ordered and shared the three sours they have on draft: Sanctification. Supplication and Consecration. (Sanctification was my favorite, and I do believe Kendall enjoyed the wine notes of the Consecration)

Sanctification. Supplication. Consecration. 

Next stop: Lagunitas. It was about 20 minutes south of the Russian River brewery, which have I mentioned that Northern California (Napa Valley and Sonoma) are absolutely gorgeous. Kendall and I just kept saying “ok we get it now” over and over.

We were told at our hostel that Lagunitas had amazing food so we settled for two amazing beers and some of their grub before we headed back. Our next plan was to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge before settling down to watch the Oscars.

Lagunitas provided me with one of the best ales I have ever had the pleasure to drink. They also reminded me why I love supporting their brewery so much, with a giant letter of acceptance on the front of their menu. Overall two great, absolutely great experiences at two absolutely great breweries.

The menu reads:

It’s not important for us to know exactly how you arrive here, but it is important for both of us to acknowledge that you ARE here…Acceptance is always the first step.

Many souls have arrived here at the end of arduous and sometimes difficult journeys and we want you to know that you are welcomed and that we will always be here for you (hours permitting).

So, it is in a genuine spirit of mindful compassion that we will share this time. You are good, you are beautiful, and you are a sentient being on the planet Earth. You may or you may not have lint in your navel.

Therefore make peace with your God, whatever you conceive him to be: Cosmic Muffin or Hairy Thunderer. And take solace in the knowledge that your dog is finally getting enough bacon.


(I know, it is just perfect)




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