day two.


Saturday. Day two. Kendall’s 27th birthday.

The morning started out a little shaky trying to recall the remains of the night before, but alas we decided it was time to start day two with a hike in Northern California.

Muir Woods – where the redwoods live. my dear darling redwoods.

After about a two and a half hour hike, ending in continuous food conversations, we realized we were ravenous females who needed to be fed and get back to civilization where our phones had service. We found a local market, very similar to a Whole Foods, and got some fuel for the rest of our day.

We arrived back at the hostel to chill, unwind and plan out the evening.

A big part of our trip is wanting to hit as many California breweries as we can, considering a large part of our friendship is based around beer (thanks HopCat!) We started researching which breweries we needed to go to, when we realized we had been slacking on the SF ones. A quick list helped us clear our heads and plan out the rest of our stay in San Francisco before it was time for the nighttime festivities.

One thing Kendall and I are great at – finding awesome bars with awesome people.

Our hostel had happy hour until 8pm, so after a quick drink we settled upon Toronado, a hippie style bar in the Haight district

*Haight-Ashbury is where it all started, and if you know me, you know I had to go be around all of that hippie goodness


Toronado was very reminiscent of Falling Rock, Denver’s world class beer bar, and after an unimpressive firkin IPA and no food being served we set out to find food.

What’s very weird about San Francisco is that: 1. Cash only bars everywhere and 2. No food ever. We found a couple different bars that you had to find a food vender, order your food and then bring back the food to the bar and eat it. Weird concept, to us at least. So we settled for wings and chili cheese fries (so California of us, not) and took them to a bar called Nicki’s. Nicki’s was very interesting and very weird, in the kind of way where they started their DJ-ing around 10pm with the worst music we’ve heard in a while. After about 20 minutes of the frat party style bar scene, we decided it was our cue to leave.

Then we found another beer bar 🙂

Mad Dog In The Fog where we settled for a bomber of Stone Ruination 2.0 IPA and secret Tully shots – there was no liquor at this bar – but bartenders know bartenders.

Deciding we needed to wake up early, we agreed to head back to the hostel, only to decide we needed to find one more nightcap bar in what was potentially the sketchiest block and a half we’ve ever seen – and ya girl lived in Detroit.

We ended day two, and Kendall’s 27th birthday with a custom dance party in the hostel, a couple photo shoots and not remembering sleep. It was one of the best days/nights I have had in a very very long time.

Day three awaits. The very last day in San Francisco before we pack up and head down Highway 1 to our pool house in Long Beach.

(Have I mentioned that my life is completely fabulous?)

See you tomorrow!




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