life plant.

Every once in a while, a moment, a picture, a quote or in my case a plant, make you stop in your tracks. They demand your attention and they demand you because of the lesson they want to teach you. Today, I stopped to give my attention to the greenest sprout of a plant I have ever seen.

Among the largest trees in the world, this tiny green flower sprout caught my attention.


After coming down to the tiny plant’s level I began wondering all about it. What is this tiny plant going to grow into? Why is it so green? Why does it stand out so beautifully amongst the gorgeous nature I was already in?

About 100 steps past my life plant I realized the plant I adored was a perfect metaphor for life. That plant represented true life. It was gorgeous, it was respected, and it caught attention of someone needing a little reminder that life is absolute perfection.

The walk past the plant brought us to a waterfall, one of the most gorgeous sites I’ve ever seen amongst the trees, the quiet nature and the stream of the river falling down from rock to rock onto more water.

The plant reminded me to keep going, because what lies ahead is also gorgeous. What lies ahead can clear your heart and your mind of all trouble and let yourself experience beauty and wonder and peace.

Thank you life plant. I’ll remember the space, moment and time I saw you forever because of the lessons you brought to my attention in the middle of a redwood forest in Northern California. x0




Disclaimer: No I am not in a hippie state of mind right now, for you judgers. It was just truly beautiful!

Another disclaimer: California is magnificent ❤


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