day one.

We made it!

After successfully manhandling the public transportation system, Kendall and I found ourselves in Civic Center, downtown San Fransisco.

If this isn’t the most gorgeous city I’ve ever stepped foot in, I don’t know what is.

After walking through what looked like ChinaTown, we turned right onto Ellis and were presented our hostel for the next three days.

I don’t know about any of you, but the word “hostel” always reminds me of that terrible movie, maybe because the title is in fact….hostel. But, let me tell you, I could not be more wrong about such an amazing community of housing.

  1. The price is right
  2. $1 pancakes in the morning
  3. Cutest room I’ve ever stayed in, privately with our own bathroom.
  4. Accessible 24 hours (this will be important later when you drink too much)



Next stop was food. We were some hungry ladies. We found a literal “Burger Bar” where I ate a salad that tasted exactly like a smoothie and couldn’t feel more California.

On our walk over to the water, Kendall used her bloodhound ability to sniff out the divy-iest (spelling I know) of dive bars. We felt right at home and then continued our walk to The Port of San Fransisco.

The view. You guys. Seeing the city laid out on the water for the first time (not the golden gate side) but the water, the city, the dock, the boats, the birds, the magic. California is truly beautiful.

Another happy hour bar, photo shoots and memories being made continued into the night. We had a very early start and a very early night getting lost in the wild streets of San Francisco.

Today another adventure awaits, on Kendall’s 27th birthday!

Stay Tuned!





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