The Morning Of.

After shamefully binge watching the last two Oscar movies on my list for this award season, I found myself with no sleep but looking bright eyed as ever.

Moonlight = Brokeback Mountain + Precious

Hacksaw Ridge = bloody gory ass war movie

*(Note: FLAWLESS performance by Andrew Garfield and hats off to my man Mahershala Ali for both of your incredible roles this season.)

My day is finally here. Now, I don’t know about any of you but California has always been this sort of dream world. A fantasy. An unattainable destination that I certainly was not part of.

Growing up in Indiana, moving to Atlanta and then finding myself in Detroit, California was not the vacation place. Florida was much easier, and lets be honest, the gulf coast has a lot to offer. So California was always just a little out of my reach.

Until today.

Moving out west has certainly brought to life the “western style living” stereotype and I am loving every single second of it. I am told constantly that I was “made for California” or “oh you will LOVE California”

Well, you’re damn right about both.

This journey to my unattainable vacation is just another beautiful example of how inspiring my life has become. Nothing is unattainable. Nothing.

I’m currently sitting on the floor of the Denver airport, about to board my flight to San Francisco in four and a half minutes. Stay Tuned!





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