On an early Thursday morning in December, my girlfriend Kendall and I were doing the usual back and forth update of our night.

You see, Kendall lives in Madison, Wisconsin and I am out in Denver, Colorado.

Kendall and I met after I moved to Detroit to open our dear favorite bar, HopCat. After doing Kendall’s interview, we became quick friends and developed a unique friendship based on honesty, trust and a little bit of madness

We parted ways from Detroit about a year later, but always have kept in touch.

So there we are, Thursday morning, texting about Harry Potter, the usual, when we began talking about Harry Potter World and how I must go. Next thing you know, we have our tickets booked to San Fransisco to drive down the coast of California and fly out of San Diego. We decided to go end of February to celebrate our late 20s birthdays.

Keep in mind, I have never once been to California.

So here it is. The eve of our trip. We have our hostels, rental car, Airbnb and Universal Hollywood tickets to Harry Potter World. The rest is up to us, which brings me here, with you.

I want to share my trip with you. I recently bought myself my first computer, on the verge of continuing my journalism education and pursuing my love for writing, blogging and general updates on my life.

Join me on our trip, I promise it’ll be a hell of a ride!



Now Playing – Childish Gambino “California”


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